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New Testimonial

Fishing at Glen Dene Station

Dear Richard, Jerry and Les,

On believe of Gary and myself, I just want to thank you for the amazing experience at Glen Dene Station over the past few days and such warm hospitality and home cooking, we simply could not have asked for anything more. Life does not seem to get any slower so those sorts of experiences and company become or that much more memorable.

A couple of photo’s attached taken from my phone up the Hunter, I don’t know whether I enjoyed the drive in more or the fishing. However not sure if the back seat would agree…

Once again thank you for the generous hospitality and look forward to seeing you all again before long.

Best wishes

Andrew and Gary

2 thoughts on “New Testimonial

  1. Hello Richard,I wanted you to know that I thhorugoly enjoyed your Defensive Carbine Class.I was not real familiar with my AR-15 prior to taking your class, but after going through all the drills and learning how to operate and manipulate my gun I was extremely comfortable handling and using my AR.There were several drills that were particularly eye-opening. Shooting on the move and shooting from behind different types and heights of cover were particularly useful. Most people would never think of a Carbine as a short range weapon but it is a really effective once you learn how to use it. It was really interesting to shoot from behind a curb and underneath cover, such as a vehicle.Finishing up at the long range and shooting the steel buffalo from 365 yards really shows you the versatility of this type of weapon system.I highly recommend that everyone, regardless of your experience with this style of weapon, take this class and learn the fundamentals. Great Class!Sincerely,DL

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