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Possible new SCI archery record for free-range South Pacific deer

Dennis and his red stag at Glen Dene StationDennis Dunn took this phenomenal red stag with an arrow at Glen Dene recently. The green score came in at 324 and 5/8ths. If it’s accepted into the SCI Records as a South Pacific free-ranging red deer, it should beat the current archery #1 record rack by about 35 inches! Read Dennis’ story and see more photos here.

2 thoughts on “Possible new SCI archery record for free-range South Pacific deer

  1. Hello, my name is Lou, I live in Tucson Arizona. I am origanaly from Los Angeles cifalornia. I moved to tucson in 1988, and been hunting mule deer here since. Mule deer out here do not have the genetics that those sheds you displayed have. I have heard alot about Utah mule deer. I would love to see something close to that here, but it is not likely. One of these hunts My friend and I are going to try our luck in Utah for a magnificant mule deer. Thank you for sharing the video with us all. ( Lou )

    • this is a beautiful buck my dad and i alyaws go hunting we live in ashville ny we go goose hunting turkey hunting and deer hunting. this season we hqve gottin 4 geese, a doe ad a buck but the season is not over yet , well thats a nice buck byyee

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