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New Testimonial: Jim and Sue Robinson

Jim and Sue Robinson at Glen Dene Station, Lake Hawea

Jim and Sue Robinson recently returned from a hunting trip to Glen Dene, and wrote us this note:


As I am sure you are aware, it is an extremely long day of airports and airplanes when you fly from Queenstown to Portland. One positive about all of the sitting and waiting is it allowed Sue and I time to reflect on our New Zealand experience and more specifically our time spent at Glen Dene Station. When you spend a year or more planning a vacation, it seems that your expectations grow and grow as you wait for the time of your departure to finally arrive only to be disappointed when the trip does not live up to those unreasonably high expectations. We are both in agreement that our time at Glen Dene not only met, but exceeded those high expectations. The natural beauty of your property and the surrounding area is awe inspiring, the amount and quality of the game animals was a pleasant surprise, however the time spent with you, Tony, and your family will last in our memories forever. Leslie and Jerry were fantastic hosts and went out of their way to make our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The food was great (we ate way too much), the room was spacious and comfortable, had an awesome view and as our stay progressed we felt less like guests and more a part of the family. Sue appreciated the invitation for lunch and shopping as she really enjoyed Sarah’s company, and it was a very pleasant surprise when Sarah stopped by at our hotel in Queenstown to say hello.

The hunting part of the trip could not have been better as I feel very fortunate to have been so successful with the trophies collected and I credit that success to Tony. He is without question the best guide that I have had the pleasure to spend a week with. Tony made sure that we enjoyed each and every day whether hunting, taking photos, sightseeing our just sharing a meal with a friend and always ensured that Sue was a part of the experience not just an observer. In my experience it is extremely rare to find a guide that will consider the observers needs and the hunters needs equally and still be able to get the job done, but Tony did it with ease. He earned my trust and my respect in just a matter of a few days and that is an amazing feat!

Thank you all for making our time spent at Glen Dene Station such a wonderful experience. If you and Sarah find your way to Oregon in the future please contact us as we would love to share some time with you.”

– Jim & Sue

Jim sent along these pictures as well:

Trophy red stag

Fallow buck

Arapawa Ram

Himalayan bull tahr

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