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Testimonial: Nathan Flook

Nathan Flook and his red stag


Just wanted to give a big thanks to you and your family for the great hospitality and memorable week of hunting at Glen Dene Station. I had been looking forward to my trip for over a year and it certainly did not disappoint. The views from atop Heartbreak Hill and across the lake are fantastic. The opportunity to pursue Tahr was a unique experience and to tag such a quality Bull was just incredible. Hard to believe that was to be surpassed just a couple days later with the spotting and lengthy stalk of my Red Stag. A special mention for my guide Tony, who worked tirelessly to put me on both the Tahr and Stag, and went out of his way to ensure that I had the New Zealand hunting experience that I had envisioned. Can’t wait until I get the mounts back to the U.S., although the memories of both hunts will certainly last a lifetime.

Many thanks and best regards.”

– Nathan Flook

New Testimonial

Clint Michels and his whitetail buck

Clint Michels and his whitetail buck

“Hi Richard,

We just wanted to say hi and that we have been thinking about our time spent in New Zealand hunting and visiting with you and your family last year. It has been almost one year now and we really wish we were coming again this year. That’s not going to happen, but we plan on coming again whenever it is possible. We hope to bring a group next time though.

I have told lots of people about our trip and your place. I even met some of the guys from the Savage Outdoors TV show and recommended that they do a New Zealand hunting show at Glen Dene. I don’t know if anything will come from it, but they have your information so you never know.

I will attach a couple pics of my best whitetail buck that I got this last fall. I took him off our place, I passed him up three years ago and then tried to get him the second year, but didn’t get him until the third year. It paid off though as he got much bigger, I’ll probably never be able top him in the future.

Spring turkey season is about to open here as well as tornado season, should be exciting.

Tell everyone we said hi and we hope they are doing good.”

– Clint & Emily Michels