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Free range Red Stag Hunting

Free-range Hunting

One of the main points of difference Glen Dene has to the many other game parks in New Zealand is that Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing can offer a free range hunt on Glen Dene Station for a red stag, fallow buck, chamois, goat and awapara ram.  Glen Dene is 15,000 acres and there are 45 miles of tracks which assist in getting you around so that you can glass and then stalk your dream animal.  Here you will typically find bronze and silver medal stags.

On the top of Glen Dene you get magnificent views of Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea.  If you don’t believe us then check out this you-tube clip which was done on Glen Dene http://

You can also hunt Gold medal and bigger stags in our game park which is also on Glen Dene.

Red Stag Hunting

Most of our clients couldn’t resist upgrading their hunt once they got here and saw how spectacular the animals were.  You can always change your package with Richard or your guide when you get out here.

However, the variety of animals and the differing tastes of the clients were enormous.  And that is what is so great about hunting at Glen Dene.  There is something for everyone and everyone went home stoked with their trophies

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