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Trophy Hunting

Free Range Hunting.  What makes us different?

Glen Dene Station is sited in one of the most beautiful places imaginable: on the mountain ranges separating the blue waters of Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka. Up on top of these mountains you can see for miles and breathe fresh mountain air coming straight off New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Red stag, fallow bucks, chamois, goat and awapara rams roam freely over the property. You can hunt these animals entirely on foot or with the help of 45 miles of 4WD tracks that penetrate most parts of the 15000 acre property.

Your hunt package includes panoramic views, an exciting 4WD excursion, and of course the main reason for your trip: a red stag stalk.

On a typical Glen Dene hunt we firstly try to spot our trophy red stags which, on the free range property, reach silver medal class or sometimes even higher. Once our client has been able to assess a trophy we plan the stalk. When approaching a wild red stag you’ve got no guarantee of a successful outcome first time. But with snow- capped alps in the background, and deep blue lakes all around, the hunting will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And we’ll use all our skills to ensure that in the end you get a superb trophy.

Glen Dene Station offers both free range and high-fence hunting, which distinguishes is from most other safari hunting operations in New Zealand,

Game Species

Red Stag Hunting

The red stag takes premier position as one of the world’s most desirable trophies. The stag with his cluster of white tipped tines carried on a heavy beam, has fascinated royal hunters in Europe for centuries.

New Zealand red stag hunting began after early settlers released animals imported from top English game parks. In recent years breeders have further enhanced the original royal bloodlines using genetics from the best European herds and the biggest SCI head to date comes from New Zealand. Glen Dene proudly offers world class red stags with antlers showing both the bold and new style.

Over the years we’ve been offering safari  hunting, we’ve learned that our clients tend to have different preferences in regard to antler shape and size; but because of the broad base of genetic stock on Glen Dene, we can usually find our hunters the trophy animal they’re after. And we offer hunters the opportunity to easily upgrade their hunting package should they spot a red stag head they’d love to take home.

From mid-March to the first half of May the red stag becomes vocal and challenges other stags for control of the breeding hinds. You’ll never forget the sight of a crazed red stag, thrashing the brush challenging all-comers on the mountains of Glen Dene.

Fallow buck

Fallow bucks, like red stags were also introduced to New Zealand around 150 years ago. They look and behave very differently to red stags. Our fallow bucks contain Hungarian blood and therefore produce magnificent trophies and tasty venison. You can hunt fallow of several colour phases including black (melanistic), common spotted, and pure white, on Glen Dene Station.

Fallow range freely over most of the property, although they tend to prefer areas close to brush and forest where they can seek shelter. The fallow in full flight can outpace any of our game species and only a practiced marksman can hit a fallow on the run.

A shoulder mounted fallow buck with its large palmated antlers is a highly prized trophy.

Bull Tahr

The Himalayan tahr has steadily risen in status as a big game trophy. Many of our clients like to  incorporate this animal in their hunt package because of the variety it adds to their New Zealand experience. The bull tahr’s horns with their broad base and tapering point are now a familiar sight in trophy rooms around the world. The heavy winter coat of a bull tahr, with its long mane, also rates as a trophy in its own right.

Glen Dene can offer you several approaches to hunting this fine trophy animal.

A popular option accesses tahr territory via a nearby high country station. This approach begins with a scenic drive around Lakes Hawea and Wanaka en route to either the Dingleburn River or Makarora. We then use 4WD drive tracks to gain altitude and finally continue the hunt on foot. The high country shearing quarters of a working farm provide accommodation.

A second option hunts the West Coast mountain tops. This exciting alternative begins with a road trip to the West Coast over the South Island’s main divide via Haast Pass. The client and guide take a helicopter flight from the West Coast and get dropped above timberline. The helicopter returns later the same day to collect the hunters and their trophies.

A third option hunts the Mount cook tops. Instead of driving over the Haast Pass, we take our clients north to the Mt Cook area. A helicopter flies into remote open country, leaving the client and guide to spot and hunt their tahr trophy. The helicopter returns later for the pick up.


New Zealand is home to the only herd of wild chamois in the southern hemisphere and they’ve rapidly become popular with North American hunters. The interesting hooked horns of this antelope-like mountain goat make a great trophy. From April onwards after the onset of shorter days and colder temperatures the chamois coat becomes thick and glossy and makes for a special mount.

Many private safari hunting operations cannot offer chamois hunting on their own properties and have to offer chamois hunting elsewhere. But the herd of chamois that live in the bluffs and crags of Glen Dene provide an exciting challenge without the need to travel. Because of their sharp eye-sight and tendency to live in rough country chamois are often shot at long range. A successful chamois hunt usually involves a careful stalk and a shot taken from the prone position.

We also offer heli-assisted chamois hunts as an option for our clients.

Trout and Salmon Fishing

Whether you’re a seasoned trout and salmon fisher, or a novice we can get you some exciting fishing.

For fly-fishermen, Lakes Hawea and Wanaka, and their feeder rivers offer world class brown and rainbow trout that will rise to your fly. Guides can lead you to lake and river locations for spot-and-stalk fishing.  If you’re after a real wilderness experience, try heli-fishing in the remote high country.

For the less experienced fishers or for those wanting a more laid back outing, we can offer a variety of spin fishing options. You can fish from the lake shore or troll from a boat. And drift fishing down the Clutha River provides a novel view of our countryside.

At day’s end, Mike our holiday park manager will smoke your catch so you can enjoy some fresh New Zealand trout with your pre-dinner drinks.

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